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What’s in the Water?

  In most cases you can get your window to sparkle with a simple solution of dish soap and hose water. The soap serves two functions in window cleaning. The most obvious is that it helps loosen dirt and grime and cut grease on the glass. The second and less obvious is that it works…

Unforgotten Faces

Just doing our part to give back to the local community.  We recently donated to the Unforgotten Faces 2016 Mission to Africa.  

K. Haggard Design

K Haggard Design

Clear Intentions Window Washing would not be what we are today with out the early influence of Karin Haggard.  Our logo and branding help us stand out in the crowd and online.

Clear Intentions


a boring photo

A Boring Photo

I love the name that Amy Boring chose to name her photography business.  One day I saw this amazing photograph of a child and her water mark caught my eye.  A Boring Photo and this picture I was looking at was anything but boring.  I loved the irony. As the mother of 2 girls, I wanted her to capture my children that way and to photograph our family so I could update our website.  We had a great experience working with her and I loved the results.