Can I get an estimate for the cleaning before you come out to do the work?  
Yes, We charge “by the window” which means that with a quick call to give you the proper pricing for the type of windows you have, you can simply count them up, multiply, and get a pretty close estimate of the actual charge.  If your custom home is more complicated we will be happy to come and provide an quote in writing.

What times/days of the week do you do cleanings?
We try to schedule most of our cleanings Monday through Friday and do our best to keep Saturday open for those who cannot make an appointment during the week.

Do we need to do anything to get ready for our cleaning?
We do suggest that you move any valuable or breakable items, papers, electronics, etc. out of window sills and away from windows but if you don’t or can’t, we are more than happy to move them for you.  Before your scheduled cleaning is a great time to take down and clean draperies or dust blinds and shutters.

Will there be any mess to clean up afterward?
Absolutely not.  Other than the spotless windows, you won’t know that we were there. 

Does someone need to be there while the cleaning is done?
Not necessarily.  If we are washing the interior of the windows, access to the home would need to be provided.  Beyond that, we do require authorized acceptance before starting the job that says that we may proceed with the services as priced.  Further, we recommend you check over our work before we leave to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service provided.
-On occasion special exceptions are made due to extenuating circumstances.

How long will you be washing my windows?
Each job is different as every home is not the same. Cleaning times vary based on quantity, type and location of windows. You can get a better ballpark estimate by calling us & answering a few simple questions about your home.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Most of our customers have the windows in their homes washed 2 to 4 times a year; however, some prefer cleanings every month while others are on a yearly schedule.  We don’t recommend waiting much longer than a year to clean them because a thick build-up of dirt on your windows can lead to stains and hard water spots. 

What do I do if my windows are stained or have hard water spots?
While our cleaning removes the vast majority of organic and inorganic grime from windows, glass that has been repeatedly exposed to water (i.e. sprinklers) or simply has not been washed for a long period of time may take further steps to come clean.  For windows like these we offer a hard water/stain removal that uses a mildly abrasive scrub specifically designed for glass to remove the stains.  If the cause of your water spots is sprinklers we recommend having the sprinkler adjusted prior to appointment time in order to alleviate re-occurrence.   Pricing for this service varies depending on the location, size and severity of the spotting. 

How can I keep my windows from getting spots?
Most importantly, have them washed.  The majority of semi-permanent staining comes from leaving a thick layer of dirt, smoke, etc. on windows for a long period of time.  Another frequent cause of “hard water spots” is repeated wetting from irrigation systems.  As with the dirt that collects on windows (especially behind screens), the minerals in the water, in time, may cause spots that normal washing cannot remove.  For windows that tend to get spots or stains, we offer glass sealing.  This is done with a commercial product similar to Rain-X that causes water to bead and run off and makes it harder for dirt to stick to the glass. 

What if I want my windows cleaned on a regular basis?
We will be happy to note the frequency you would like your windows cleaned.  We can either schedule your next appointment onsite or set you up to be emailed when the time is near.

A few things to be mindful of when choosing a window cleaner:
1.  It is extremely important that any worker you have in your home be covered under general liability insurance.  Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have it.  If you are not convinced by talking to them, REQUEST PROOF.  Anyone in this industry or others like it should have no problem emailing, mailing, or faxing you proof of insurance.  If they are hesitant, beware!
2.  There are a lot of window cleaning businesses out there; hire one that you are comfortable with.  Because you are inviting a worker into your home and giving them access to every room of your house, do your best to get to know them and learn what you can about the company before you give them the OK to start.  Price is not everything!  There are plenty of “window cleaners” out there who are not licensed, insured, or even trained and are just out to make a quick dollar.  A huge portion of our customers have used other window cleaning companies who either did less than acceptable work, didn’t show up when they were said they would, or worst of all, left the house with property that they didn’t come with.  Go with your gut.  If something doesn’t feel right, move on to the next company.  It is sometimes better to pay a few extra dollars for quality work and a trustworthy worker.
3.  Inspect the work.  You wouldn’t pay your lawn service if they only mowed half your yard; don’t feel inclined to pay a window washer until you are completely satisfied with his or her work.
4.  Suggest a good company to a friend!  To an extent, you can’t know exactly what you will get for your dollar until the job is done.  If you find a window cleaning company that you like, make sure to tell others about them so they don’t have to go through the same guess-and-check process.  You will also help to weed out the scammers and untrained.