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Clear Intentions Window Washing is a residential cleaning company. We can reach windows up to a 3rd story with our ladders and we prefer to get up close and personal with each window for a spotless clean. Our ladders are equipped with pads on both the top & bottom so as not to damage your home in any manner. The detergent we use to wash your windows is an environmentally friendly soap, made from plants, therefore it will not damage your home, landscaping, pets or family in any way.

We clean all manner of Interior/Exterior Windows
Screens | Tracks | Window Sills | Window Frames | Skylights | Mirrors | Shower Enclosures| Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures | Glass Walls | Tint Removal |Solar Panels

We also offer hard water spot/stain removal and glass sealing to protect against further hard water build-up.

You may find it helpful to use our Window Identifier to familiarize yourself with the types of windows that you have.

Exact charges for each service can be obtained with one brief phone call to 858.232.8212.
Although the vast majority of estimates can be given over phone, the occasional custom glass/window shapes and sizes require us to see the home in person to give an accurate price.

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