There are a few basic tools that are required to clean just about any window. This section is devoted to getting you away from the “blue juice” and paper towel.  Often customers ask just how clean their windows will be after we are done washing them.  Using a good quality tools and proper technique, windows can be cleaned to the quality of the window.  Of course, no amount of soap or squeegeeing will remove scratches from glass or fix blown seals, but with the techniques in this section, your windows will be left as clean as the day they rolled out of the factory.

1.  Use professional tools.  A decent grade squeegee and scrubber (mop/applicator/strip-washer) can be purchased at Home Depot, Walmart, or similar.

Tend towards a smaller squeegee because although it will take more passes to clean a window, it can be used on more window sizes.  *A 24 inch squeegee won’t clean a 10 inch window no matter how much you want it to.
The same goes for the scrubber.  For the beginning window cleaner a small, cotton or synthetic scrubber is the best bet.

2.  Make a simple solution of water and soap.  Put a couple gallons of water into a bucket and to it, add a small amount of liquid dish soap (Dawn, Joy, etc.).  A one-half to one second squeeze is all you need.  Stir!

3.  On the outside of the windows, don’t be afraid to use plenty of your soapy solution.  Scrub back and forth, up and down or in circles until all the dirt and grime are removed.  Inside your home, squeeze the majority of the water out of the scrubber before wetting the glass.

4.  Squeegee from side to side starting at the top of the window.  This is NOT the best squeegee method and will require the most towel work, but is the easiest to master.

5.  Use a lint-free cotton towel on the edges of the glass.  Using the side-to-side squeegee method will remove the majority of the soapy solution from the window, but will likely leave a wet perimeter around the edge of the glass.  The key to a professional-looking clean is… the towel!  Put one finger in a dry spot in the towel and wipe one edge of the window.  Choose another dry spot and wipe another side.  *If you try wiping with a wet or damp piece of the towel, you will only serve to smear up your clean window.  Switch to another towel once the first runs low on dry spots.

That’s a start!  It takes practice to wash windows quickly and leave them sparkling, but with some trial and error, you will get it.  Use a large, old towel on the floor inside your home to protect carpet, etc. and wipe up the sills after you are done.