Month: June 2016

K. Haggard Design

K Haggard Design

Clear Intentions Window Washing would not be what we are today with out the early influence of Karin Haggard.  Our logo and branding help us stand out in the crowd and online.

Clear Intentions


a boring photo

A Boring Photo

I love the name that Amy Boring chose to name her photography business.  One day I saw this amazing photograph of a child and her water mark caught my eye.  A Boring Photo and this picture I was looking at was anything but boring.  I loved the irony. As the mother of 2 girls, I wanted her to capture my children that way and to photograph our family so I could update our website.  We had a great experience working with her and I loved the results.


Window Towels

If you are trying for a perfectly clean window, a stack of lint free, cotton towels are a necessity.  These are NOT like your common bath or hand towels.  You are looking for a “flat” towel, not one with “loop” or “pile” weaves.  Some thin dish towels have a flat weave that will work for…


As with squeegees, window scrubbers come in a variety of sizes and materials.  Start with the standard 16 inch cotton scrubber and if there is a chance of having to clean small, French windows, pick up a smaller 6-8 inch cotton scrubber too. It is possible to clean small windows using the end of a…

Finding the right squeegee

  There are many different sizes of squeegee, not to mention a multitude of brands, materials, etc. While the vast majority of window tools work together with tools from other manufacturers, there are companies that produce tools that only mate with their own brand (for example, replacement squeegee rubber that only fits their squeegees).  While…

Window Cleaning 101 An Overview

There are a few basic tools that are required to clean just about any window. This section is devoted to getting you away from the “blue juice” and paper towel.  Often customers ask just how clean their windows will be after we are done washing them.  Using a good quality tools and proper technique, windows…